Radon gas is something both buyers and sellers should be aware of. Most radon enters the home through the lowest level: basement, crawlspace or the slab floor of homes with no basement. No house style nor age is immune. The magic number is 4.0 pCi/L. All buyers should have a radon test on any property they are buying. If that test comes back below 4.0 no action is required. If 4.0 pCi/L or above it is recommended by the IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) to have the radon gas mitigated. But don’t panic, it’s very common, as a matter of fact 1 in every 3 homes in the Chicago area have radon. Here is the break down for the % of homes with high Radon per county*:

Cook – 24%

Lake -32%

DuPage – 42%

Will – 44%

Kane – 45%

Kendall – 47%

*data from IEMA.

If you would like additional information on radon gas you can visit the IEMA website:…